August 30, 2011

You Can Do Something About Your Varicose Veins

By Jonathan Calure, M.D.


Varicose Veins are a common problem in the USA, afflicting as many at 25 percent of the adult population. The bulging, aching, and unsightly veins often appear as a result of an underlying medical condition called Venous Insufficiency. In the past, treatment of the condition was limited to either painful vein stripping or a lifetime of compression stockings. One of our patients had an experience like this before coming to our office:

“The first doctor I saw about my varicose veins said I needed surgery that would leave ugly scars on my legs. A friend of mine who had the same procedure said the pain was worse than childbirth. So for years I lived with the tingling, the swelling, and the discomfort.” –Robyn J

Fortunately, today we can correct Venous Insufficiency with a minimally invasive procedure called VNUS Closure. The procedure itself is completed in a matter of minutes in an office setting. Closure is covered by most insurance plans and patients can return to normal activity the same day. If necessary, after VNUS Closure, residual veins may be cleared using another minimally invasive treatment called Sclerotherapy.

The Closure procedure treats the underlying cause of varicose veins. The procedure works by closing the damaged veins below the skin surface that allow abnormal pressure to build in the bulging skin veins. After the malfunctioning veins are closed, pressure is redirected back into the deep vein of the leg. With correction of the abnormal pressure, often the bulging veins at the skin surface flatten, fade, and may even disappear completely. Any residual veins may be addressed with cosmetic techniques, such as Sclerotherapy, once adequate time has been allowed (6-8 weeks) to assess the response following Closure. Hear from one of our patients, Violet, who just received treatment from our Columbia office: “I have to say, I was very nervous about having VNUS Closure done but I knew it was something that was very much needed for my health. From the first screening visit, I knew this is where I wanted to have my procedure done. The closure procedure itself was very comfortable, [it was in a] very relaxed atmosphere, and [done by a] very friendly staff.” –Violet H.

At Maryland Vein Professionals, we advocate a strict minimally invasive approach. I have heard from many patients who were first seen elsewhere that they were told they must under go a form of vein stripping called phlebectomy. In this procedure the skin is cut and the veins are excised surgically. While it is true that this may be necessary in rare cases of complex anatomy or severe, longstanding disease, we find that the vast majority of patients can be successfully treated without surgical vein stripping.

We are pleased to announce that Maryland Vein Professionals will be offering a Free Vein Screening Event over two days at the end of August. See if you are a candidate for treatment on Tuesday, August 23rd at the Columbia Main Office or Wednesday, August 24th in the Annapolis Main Office. Both events will run from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Participants should wear shorts to the event. Registration is required and space is limited. Call 410-964-VEIN or 410-268-LEGS to register.

Please visit our website, here, for before and after images and over 100 patient testimonials. Call us at 410-268-LEGS (5347), 410-964-VEIN (8346) or 877-7MD-VEIN for a complimentary evaluation.

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About Jonathan Calure, M.D.


Jonathan Calure is a Cardiovascular Surgeon who holds two American Board certifications: General Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery. As one of the first physicians in the region to perform The Closure® procedure, Dr. Calure now has experience in more than 10,000 Closure procedures as of July 2011. Maryland Vein Professionals has six locations throughout the state.

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